The Baikal Mining Company, the operator of the Udokan deposit, announces its new name – Udokan Copper.
The introduction of the new corporate identity will take place in stages and will cover all the areas of the company’s activities, the press service told Severnaya Pravda. “Our new name – “Udokan Copper”- reflects the current stage of development of the enterprise, – said the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Valery Kazikayev. – From the stage of research and design work, we are moving to the creation of an industrial company, we are preparing to put the field into operation. This is a completely new stage: we are becoming an industrial company, and its name should be based on the name of the largest copper deposit in Russia – Udokan. ” “BGK carried out an unprecedented amount of research work, created and patented a unique ore processing technology, attracted financing from the largest banks,” noted Valery Kazikayev. – «In a short time, we designed a mining and metallurgical plant, and today “Udokan Copper” is building it at a high pace, in the most difficult natural conditions and despite the epidemiological situation in the country.» At present, the construction of the Udokan mining and metallurgical plant is 40% complete. At the construction site, the heating circuit of most of the enrichment plant buildings has been “closed”, the «Udokan MMC” substation with a capacity of 50 megawatts and two power lines have been put into operation, and a second substation with a capacity of 146 megawatts is being built. Technological equipment components are being installed at Udokan. The construction is scheduled to be fully completed by mid-2022. Six months ahead of the schedule, the company started to develop the deposit – carrying out capital mining operations. Commercial development will begin in early 2022.
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Translated by Ilya Mikhin

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