The Udokan development project is taken as an example

Dmitry Sakharov, Director of Corporate Finance at BGK, spoke at the conference “Russia: Project and Structured Finance”, organized by PJSC Gazprombank.
He told how it was possible to avoid disruption to the construction schedule of the Udokan plant in the context of a pandemic. Among the measures taken, D. Sakharov named a mask regime, restriction of the exit of employees to the territory of settlements, the exclusion of external contacts, and regular testing. In addition, an observation mode has been introduced for employees and shift workers. D. Sakharov thanked banks that provided loan financing for digitalizing interaction mechanisms during the pandemic. He also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Industry and Trade for willingness to extend government support measures to lending from bank syndicates. As a reminder, BGK LLC signed a syndicated loan agreement with a consortium of banks for a period of 12 years within the framework of the VEB.RF Project Financing Factory. As the press service of the company told “Severnaya Pravda”, today the builders have assembled almost one tenth of the metal structures on the liquid extraction building. “Here, very soon, copper will be extracted from solutions (SX) into the organic phase by means of an extractant and then sent for re-extraction,” the company confirmed. – At this stage, copper from the organic phase passes into the electrolyte. It is filtered and sent to electrolysis (EW). The end product is almost pure copper with a content of 99.99%, ” the press service summed up. The SX-EW technology is the best available today with the lowest environmental impact.
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Press Service and Information Department of the Government of the Trans-Baikal Territory

Translated by Ilya Mikhin

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