At the construction site of the Udokan mining and metallurgical plant, the construction of the material and technical supply building has been completed, the press service of the company told “Severnaya Pravda”. According to the CEO of the Baikal Mining Company German Mironov, currently all the external work at the facility has been completed, the installation of engineering networks and equipment is in progress, as well as a complex of finishing works.
The MTS base is designed to store a wide range of material and technical values (spare parts, units, consumables, oil and lubricants, etc.). The facility performs the functions of an auxiliary facility that ensures the smooth operation of the facilities of the technological complex, as well as the needs of the service center, energy and mining and transport department.  – By the end of November, the installation of water supply systems, power supply, electric lighting, heating and ventilation will have been completed in the building. Shelving equipment will be installed in the premises, the press service said. – Also, by the end of November, it is planned to complete the installation and connection of external engineering networks.

Translated by ILYA MIKHIN

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